Flamborough fishing families

A database of family history, pre 1900


This website has been constructed using data from parish records, census returns 1841-1901, birth, marriage and death indices, and the International Genealogical Index. I have ended the record at 1900 so that no living person has been included as far as I know. My intention is to show the linkage and close ties between the fishing families, and I hope that this may be of some interest to others researching Flamborough family history.  If you would like to offer suggestions, corrections or information please contact me on iris@cimidd.karoo.co.uk. It has given me great pleasure compiling these family trees and I hope that you will also enjoy them.

This work is for personal use only, it may not be reproduced without permission.

My family (Duke) were originally fishing people at Flamborough where whole families, including wives and daughters were involved in the trade, so I have a very personal interest in this topic.

The software is reproduced by kind permission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - a link to their website appears below.


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